On-going Acting Workshop

Please contact Greg directly if you are interested!!

This is Greg Nemer, I am an ongoing acting teacher at Colorado film school and run the open auditions there as well. 
I am offering acting classes outside of Colorado Film School for the first time in 7 years teaching there. After being asked to do this for the last few years I am finally convinced there is a need for these classes for the Colorado performance community and I wanted to reach out to Big Fish Talent because I respect the level of talent I have seen there. 
I am offering a 2 hour class, one day a week, every other week for $20 a class.  
$40 total monthly for ongoing training. 
This way it is both affordable and a reasonable time commitment. 
Class time options are:
Monday 630pm - 830pm
Tuesday 630pm - 830pm
Wednesday 630pm - 830pm
Thursday 630pm - 830pm
All classes will be held at Adam's mystery playhouse at 2406 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80211
These classes are an amalgamation of my travels and training.  Whether your specific philosophy is based on traditional Stanislavsky or more based on Meisner, My exercises are helpful in building an actors observation and concentration skills .  
 I am teaching tools that can be used whether your performance is film acting, theater, improv, dance or music. These are lessons that I have learned from my education at Naropa University as well as methods I have developed while teaching for the last 7 years at Colorado film School. 
The training focuses on developing observation of surrounding, of your mental emotional and physical state and how to shift any of them to be properly prepared for performance. 
Some key methods that will be taught-
Mudra Space Awareness - When asked by his students about performance specifically theater dance or music, The founder of Naropa University , Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, devised a series of exercises to help the performer relate to their individual neurosis that impede performance.  
Hakomi Method of Observation - the mechanics of a bodies position both puts the actor in a different state of mind as well as brings awareness to his or her specific body mechanics that might otherwise be unnoticed. 
Five Element Acting- The philosophy that is the framework for Chinese acupuncture is a fertile perspective for performing artists. No needles needed to take away tools both for character development as well as authentic improvisation. This methodology is powerful for observation, character development as well as relating to another actor's performance. 
I have a vast array of tools I am excited to share and can tell you much more about them if you are interested in taking classes. I am limiting each class to 16 students and only teaching 4 classes to start so the space will be limited for the first few months.
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