Amanda AgueroWestminster, CO. US


On-Camera, Print, Promotional, Voiceover


Film, Internet, Music Video, Television




Gender: Female
Physique: average
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 140
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Brown
Age Range: 18 - 25
Ethnicity: Latin/Hispanic, Mixed, Native American

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ACCENTS: American Southern, American Texan, Australian, Boston, British, French, German, Irish, Japanese, Native American, New Jersey, New York, New Zealand, Russian, Scottish, South African, Spanish (Spain)
ATHLETICS: Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Football, Rock-climbing (indoor), Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Volleyball
INSTRUMENTS: Drums, Guitar
PERFORMANCE: Impressions, Music , Stunts

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School Name Location Type Instructor Year
University of Colorado Boulder/ CO/ USA Film Theory and Criticism Professor Ernesto Acevedo-Muñoz 2015
During this course I was taught how to think critically about film and learned what makes an entertaining movie vs. what makes a good movie. Learned about different methods of making a movie and was able to study all types of motion pictures, some of which dated back to the beginning of film itself!
The Walt Disney Company Orlando/FL/USA On-Set Assistance The Cast and Crew of "the Middle" 2014
- I got the unique privilege to help the crew of "the Middle" on their season finale shot in Disney World. - I got to observe the actors and how they got things blocked and shot in a limited amount of time and under the constant pressure of onlookers. - I got to shadow the crew and learned how involved each is in the show and what their jobs entail. - Learned how to efficiently shoot in both indoor and outdoor conditions in both day and night.
CU Boulder Boulder/CO/USA Musical Theater Karen Dabney 2013
-Studied Musical theater from its very beginning up until recent productions on Broadway. - Student projects taught us the complexities of directing our very own musical and showed us how the many different aspects of musical theater combine to form a seamless product.
Arvada Center of Performing Arts Arvada, CO, USA On-Camera Reece Livingstone 2012
- Learned how to take constructive criticism and advice on how to make a scene better. - Learned the language that is spoken on-set between the actors and directors. - Learned how to play to the camera efficiently. - Learned how to work with a cast and move about in the scene while still playing to the camera.
CU Boulder Boulder/CO/USA Introduction toTheater Sarah Crockarel 2012
- Studied the many different types of theater and the differences in acting techniques of each. - Studied classic plays, both foreign and domestic.
CU Boulder Boulder, CO, USA Introduction to FIlm Reece Auguiste 2011
- Learned the various types of film and the distinguishing factors between different cultures. - Studied the techniques of the directors, producers and actors alike. - Was introduced to not only modern film, but also instructed in the ways of films from the 1900's in both America and abroad.
CU Boulder Boulder/CO/USA Introduction to Cinematography Sarah Biagini 2011
- Studied the aspects of film from a cinematographer's point of view. - Studied different aspects of staging and lighting in order to produce a more dynamic image on screen. - Learned how best to place different elements on screen in order to effectively serve the purpose of the show.
Faith Christian Academy Arvada, CO, USA Theater Jeanie Gordon 2011
-Assisted the Director with props and stage managing. -Performed in the chorus. - Learned how to handle multiple tasks at once (i.e: singing, dancing, moving props, and doing choreography at the same time!)
Faith Christian Academy Arvada, CO, USA Speech Jeanie Gordon 2011
- Learned how to perform various types of scripts in front of large audiences. - Learned how to transition seamlessly between comedy and drama when performing.